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Visitor Economy Marketing

Marketing Manchester promotes Greater Manchester’s visitor economy, incorporating both leisure and business tourism, to both domestic and international audiences and markets. We do so by working with local, regional and national partners.

Greater Manchester’s visitor economy supports over 100,000 jobs in Greater Manchester and generates £9 billion.

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Leisure tourism

In 2018 there were almost 12 million staying visits and 112 million day visits to Greater Manchester. Together with culture, sport, and hospitality, tourism contributes significantly to place making, quality of life and attractiveness expected of a global city.

The Greater Manchester Strategy for the Visitor Economy 2014 – 2020 has expired and a One Year Tourism Recovery Plan for 2020/21 was developed setting out the priorities to support the sector as lockdown was eased. The Greater Manchester Tourism Strategy 2023-27 is currently being developed.

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​Business Tourism

Conference and business events hosted within Greater Manchester during 2017 were worth £862 million to the economy, with an estimated further £430 million generated from delegates who will make a return visit for leisure purposes, bringing partners and family with them. The sector supports over 35,000 jobs, with additional jobs being supported by those extending, or returning, for leisure purposes.

As well as driving jobs and growth, business events help to position Greater Manchester’s brand on the world stage and is intrinsically linked to Greater Manchester’s priority business sectors.

The 2020-2025 GM Business Tourism Strategy aims to generate 40% growth by 2025 to increase the value of Business Tourism to £1.2 billion.

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Sector Marketing

Marketing Manchester supports MIDAS to promote priority sectors to national and international investors. We also work with sector stakeholders to create and curate content and communicate strategic stories to priority markets.

Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

The sector supports over 114,000 manufacturing and engineering jobs in Greater Manchester and generates £7.7 billion GVA. Specialist and niche opportunities include: advanced materials including 2D materials, semiconductors; composites and coatings; and process metallurgy exploiting links to defence, food and drink, transport, aerospace and life science supply chains.

Creative, Digital and Tech 

The sector supports 54,400 jobs in Greater Manchester’s creative & digital companies and generates 
£3.1 billion GVA. Specialist and niche opportunities include: content production, digital services and technology, converge in sub-sectors such as e-commerce, smart cities, cyber security, AR/VR, gaming.

Health Innovation and Life Sciences 

The sector supports 157,000 health and social care jobs in Greater Manchester and generates 
£4 billion GVA. Specialist and niche opportunities include: genetics; connected data; precision medicine (including diagnostics); cancer research; clinical medical devices; clinical trials; cardiac services; neurosciences; health informatics; education and training; remote diagnosis; and primary care. 

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