Tourism talent hub events

Marketing Manchester and the Growth company are pleased to announce the launch of the Talent Hub. This service has been set up in response to the strong levels of growth that Manchester’s Visitor Economy is experiencing. This Growth is set to continue and with Unemployment at an all-time low, the task of recruiting and retaining people within your business is now harder than ever. 

The Talent hub are working with businesses in Hospitality, Culture and Tourism to highlight the many opportunities that come with working in these sectors. We specialise in building pre-recruitment courses, that offer the residents of Manchester the safety and supportive environment to complete sector-based qualifications, so they can then take their first steps into employment to carve careers out for themselves. By doing this we are helping to ultimately strengthen our members workforces and support them to continue to grow.    

Businesses are reporting a time frame of up to 6 months in some instances to recruit and fill some roles so the need to address skills shortages, talent attraction and retention have never been more important.  

Kevin Kennedy, who has joined the Growth company to head up this service leads a team of 15 specialists to work with members from the Hospitality, Tourism and Culture sectors to address these areas of concern. The focus will be on providing specialist support in the areas of; organisational development, skills, training, recruitment and attraction.  

The Talent Hub offers an individualised approach to members needs to help them address their requirements and keep their workforces productive and engaged. One of the other keys focuses for the talent hub has been to open new avenues and to identify and tap into the talent of Manchester’s population.  

If you would like to speak to Kevin in more detail, please drop him a line at