UKREiiF 2022 Day Two Round Up

On Wednesday 18 May 2022, representatives from Greater Manchester attended day two of UKREiiF, The UK’s Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum. With 14 stages and over 300 speakers, UKREIIF offers the nation’s best thought leadership, business development opportunities and policy discussion. 

On day two of the conference, Greater Manchester, which had a pavilion in collaboration with Liverpool City Region, was at the centre of many insightful discussions around the future of investment and development across the UK. 

Here’s a roundup of Greater Manchester’s second day at UKREiiF: 

The first talk of the day from Greater Manchester was called “Holistic Regeneration: Creating Thriving Places for People and Nature”. For the panel discussion, Caroline Simpson, Chief Executive of Stockport Council was joined by Stephen Peacock Executive Director of Growth and Regeneration at Bristol City Council and Mike Palin, Executive Director of Markets, Partners and Places for Homes England among others. As we recover from the pandemic, we have a real opportunity to reinvigorate the world around us and create community-led developments, tailored to people and places. 

Caroline Simpson said “It’s catalytic projects that really evidence that a place is on the move and is going somewhere like just outside of Stockport Station, that then builds confidence for other things to happen. Getting that spirit and ambition of the commercial sector gets people hooked in” 

Lord Bob Kerslake, Chair of Stockport Mayoral Development Corporation joined a panel discussing how to reinvigorate town centres through investment and development. For “UK High Streets – How Do We Maintain Pace With Reimagining Place?” Lord Bob was joined by, Tony Reeves, Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council, Dr Angela Brockbank, Director of Thirteen Housing Group and Pat Ritchie CBE, Chair of Government Property Agency. With £1bn of Towns Fund being distributed amongst 45 locations and £830m worth of Future High Streets Funding being made available to various regeneration hungry places, discussing the future of the UK High Street seems more necessary than ever.  

On the introduction of Stockport’s Mayoral Development Corporation Sir Bob Kerslake said Stockport MDC has a board of independent expert advisors who guide the work, there are no specific powers just a small team with sponsorship from the Mayor that links town and city, and it works.” 

There was also a discussion around how Combined Authorities can drive forward levelling up. Chief Executive of Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Eamonn Boylan was joined by leaders of other local combined authorities to discuss inclusive growth covering transport, health and wellbeing, green skills and the role of research and development. 

Speaking at the event Eamonn Boylan said “In Greater Manchester, we are doing a lot of work around public service reform. Someone in one of our wealthy suburbs has a greater life expectancy than someone born on the same day in a poorer suburb and that’s something that needs to change. The public services we have, need to deliver the services our people need. Like many cities, many young people in the suburbs look at the gleaming towers of the city centre and think ‘that has nothing to do with me’ and that’s something that needs to change”. 

The Stockport Mayoral Development Corporation unveiled ambitious plans for their new Stockport 8 development, a 1,200 home, walkable neighbourhood with retail outlets, offices and leisure space. To announce the project and launch the search for a development partner Lord Bob Kerslake, Chair of the Stockport Mayoral Development was joined by Caroline Simpson, Chief Executive of Stockport Council, Adam White, Senior Director of UK Development Advisory at CBRE and Tim Heatly Co-Founder of Capital & Centric. They discussed creating a sustainable community and the importance of Stockport’s ambition as a town. 

Caroline Simpson, Chief Executive of Stockport Council said “The people of Stockport are really energised about what’s happening. There’s a real sense of nostalgia in our town centre that brings with it a sense of pride and a community alongside. Our community want to see the town centre work again and be revitalised.” 

Adam White, senior director of UK development advisory at CBRE and an advisor on the Stockport 8 scheme said: “The scheme benefits from its scale, strong, cross-party, local leadership, and its connectivity. It has the potential to outperform its local and regional peers and bridge the gap to some really exciting schemes.” 

Also at UKREiiF City Mayor of Salford City Council, Paul Dennett joined home builders and policymakers to discuss the housing crisis. In “Accelerating the Delivery of High Quality and Affordable Homes” the panel debated how to improve the availability of affordable homes, remove the stigma around social housing and how to tackle the homelessness crisis. 

Paul Dennett, City Mayor of Salford City Council stated “In Greater Manchester have a strategy to create 50,000 affordable homes. 30,000 of which will be local authority, social housing and all will be carbon neutral. We can’t deliver that without developers on board. We’re committed to delivering community-led housing and placemaking. 

“The next six months will be challenging for local government. The cost-of-living crisis is increasing demand for services and financial uncertainty on how local government will be funded is a real concern. If the Government don’t work with us, it could destabilise and exacerbate the housing crisis What would be great is to get real certainty so that we can get on with the job in hand.” 

Greater Manchester speakers have offered great insights throughout UKREiiF and it’s clear that the city-region remains ambitious, forward-thinking, and passionate about creating a fairer, greener, and more prosperous city-region. UKREiiF has allowed our councils and developers to meet with other innovators, hopefully creating the foundations for exciting things to come across Greater Manchester. 

UKREiiF 2022 is running from Tuesday 17 May to Thursday 19 May. 22 

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