Marketing Manchester bee design reflects Manchester’s growing global influence

Marketing Manchester is proud to be part of the Bee in the City trail with its 1.5-metre-high bee decorated with maps of Manchester’s past and present.

The design, called ‘Map of the Worker Bees’ is inspired by the origins of the Manchester worker bee and sits on top of a globe, with seven hand-painted worker bees representing Greater Manchester’s influence across the seven continents of the world.

Created by local artist Caroline Coates, the bee tells the story of Manchester’s expansion and continued change from the Industrial Revolution to the present day, and features maps including a plan of Manchester and Salford from 1650, a 1910’s railway map and a 1988 Greater Manchester A-Z Map.

The bee also features the ‘M’ design representing the city’s Original Modern ethos – which captures the essence of Manchester and defines what sets the city apart from our peers across the globe.

Marketing Manchester’s bee can be found on Mount Street, next to the Central Library, and is number 71 on the Bee in the City trail map. It joins a trail of over 100 worker bee sculptures unveiled this week across Greater Manchester.

The public are encouraged to find as many of the bees they can, and anyone who downloads the Bee in the City app and scans the unique code on the Marketing Manchester bee will receive a 20% discount on the Manchester Sightseeing Bus.

Sheona Southern, Managing Director at Marketing Manchester, said: “We are proud to be part of the wonderful Bee in the City art trail, which is an excellent way of encouraging visitors to explore further parts of the city and uncover artworks celebrating Manchester’s past, present and future.

“Our creative hand-painted bee carries a strong message about Manchester’s position in the world and the connectivity of the city to all seven continents, which reflects the growing attraction of Manchester to visitors, students and investors from all around the world.”

As the agency charged with promoting Manchester on an international stage, Marketing Manchester’s bee fittingly reflects the city’s global ambitions.

Caroline Coates, the artist behind ‘Map of the Worker Bees’, said: “The idea for the design was inspired by the origins of Manchester’s worker bee. Using historical maps, which were kindly supplied by Archives+ at Manchester Central Library, the design reflects the city’s growth and continuing change.

“It has been great to part of this exciting art project and it’s wonderful to see so many iconic, colourful Manchester worker bees across the city-region, and I hope my design gets people thinking about how far our humble city has come.”

Presented by Wild in Art and Manchester City Council, the Bee in the City trail raises funds for The Lord Mayor’s We Love MCR Charity, and will run in the city from 23 July – 23 September 2018.