Accommodation Booking Service Opportunity – Advertise your business to conference and event delegates (availability limited to five businesses)

The Accommodation Booking Service (ABS) at Marketing Manchester looks after the accommodation requirements for approximately 40,000 conference and event delegates throughout the year driving around 20,000 room night bookings to Manchester.

We are now able to offer a limited number of our members the opportunity to get their business in front of these delegates through advertising on the booking confirmations and modifications we send out to delegates.

The figures

The ABS service was used by 72 events in 2017/18 totalling 12,000 room nights and our delivery of accommodation for the Conservative Party Conference (CPC) resulted in 742 confirmations being sent and an additional 195 modification communications. Advertising on ABS notifications offers a fantastic opportunity to get your organisation in front of conference delegates numerous times before they arrive in the city as people often check their confirmations/modifications numerous times before arriving in the city:

Confirmations for the CPC were opened 3760 times (506%) and modifications were opened 483 times (247%).

Discounted Introductory offer

Cost £600 + Vat


  • Inclusion on all our confirmations and modifications for all 12 of our upcoming large events up until 1st April 2019
  • 3 reports sent on how many confirmations and modifications have been sent
  • Chance to change your product every 3 months


  • Image – 145 x 105 pixels (images can be resized by us if needed)
  • URL to the product which will be advertised
  • Promotion code to be used by delegates (if applicable)

For more information or to book your space, please contact